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Styling tips for Valentines day 2018

Styling tips for Valentines day 2018

Styling tips for Valentines day 2018

13 Feb 2018

With only 1 days to go, girls in Delhi NCR are in a nail-biting tension with the toughest question buzzing in their minds - What do I wear on Valentine’s day? Today I shall tackle this question with some smart dressing tips for Valentine’s day 2018.

I am writing this article keeping the following things in mind:

  • Dressing requirement depends on your age group.
  • You need different dressing/styling depending on the nature of your Valentine’s day outing. ( Date, Dance, Dinner, Activity, Event etc
  • Its still winter in North India

Valentine’s Day Party Types (Teenagers and Young Daters) 

If you are attending a party with your date or looking to hit the dance floor in one of the NCR clubs you can try something bold and chic this season.Valentine’s day is all about red, pink if you are up for it. Get in the color and burn the dance floor. 

But if you want to avoid red/pink altogether or want a subtle touch we have some options here.

Valentine's Day Dinner Date with Husband or Friend (28+ Age group )
If you have a dinner date with your husband scheduled or you are meeting a friend or associate for dinner on this occasion and are not going to dance or party much here is our suggestion for you. A subtle combination of light colors with little red or partial mix of bold red and black. Accessories are vital for this occasions. Overcoats and Ponchos will keep you want, both literally and figuratively.

Valentine's Day dressing for Offical events or Professional Meetings

Even if it is not exactly valentines day evening, we do have multiple events and parties to attend this week based on the valentine's day theme. When you need to be on the occasion yet need to maintain the official dignity. Try Jackets and Blazers with regular or party wear to strike a balance.

As personal fashion stylists, we urge women to keep a positive body image and self-esteem and to dress according to their body shape. Striving to be someone else that is not you, results in a terrible fashion statement.

Here are a few more tips that you could use while planning your Valentine's Day get-up.

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