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Image management is the on-going process of evaluating and controlling the impact of Image i.e. dressing, grooming and body language its resulting responses on self and others. It is about creating an authentic, appropriate and affordable personal or professional appearance, which in turn shall increase or boost your confidence, capability and contribute in your continuing success.

In today's world, practically everyone realizes the need to create a positive first impression. From succeeding at the first job interview, having a successful first meeting, creating a great impression at the new job or role, to having a great first date, success depends on the first impression

People looking for a job change, entrepreneurs, fresh college graduates, business professionals and corporates can hire image consultants to help them stand out in the crowd and carve a distinctive personal brand for them.

Some more listed below:

  • High Net worth Individuals
  • Celebrities and their wives
  • Socialites
  • Housewives
  • College and University Students looking for success at their first interviews
  • Professionals in different domains - Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Advisors and more
  • People in the Public Eye - like Politicians, Corporate Communications Professionals
  • Service industries like Retail, Hospitality, Airlines, Healthcare
  • HR, Recruitment, Training Companies
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Corporate professionals at different stages of their career
  • Corporations looking towards creating a corporate identity that enhances their corporate image and work ethic, involving code of conduct for different levels, days like Casual Fridays and different occasions .

Image Management is an umbrella term which has multiple core components like soft skills, personality development, grooming etc. Hence, Image Management includes all these terms and much more. Each Image Consultant is a grooming expert as well with added knowledge of countering and repeating techniques according to face shape. Personality Development also is one of the components of Image Management.

It is not at all expensive to hire an Image Consultant as we work as per the budget client provides us and fit our services into it.

We have pre-planned packages for all of our services. But before suggesting any package to any client we make sure on meeting the client ,analysing them and their lives so that we have a clear idea of what they need and what they actually don't. This evaluation makes us offer a customized package including only what you need.

Depends on what services you choose, each service is dependent on the client's interest, grasping power and time constrains.

This depends upon your needs and your individual experience with an image consultant. Often, visual changes are immediate. Other changes, such as confidence level and communication skills, sometimes take more time.

Many people who are happy with their overall image still benefit from the services of an image consultant. Virtually everyone can enhance some aspect of their image to increase their effectiveness in their personal or professional life.

We meet Men and Women both equally eager for the transformations in their image and gain confidence. There is no age or gender bar or any other restriction to hire an image consultant.

The most important thing when working with us is that we make our clients feel comfortable and at ease and give them the assurance that they can discuss anything with us in complete confidence.

We understand your needs, honour your choices, and help make it fun and exciting!

An image consultant can help your employees gain confidence in their appearance and immeasurably improve their behavior and communication skills. You can be confident that with proper grooming, attire, body language, communication skills and attitude, your employees will positively promote and validate your company's image.

Yes, we do take our workshops outside Delhi based on requirements. Please keep in mind that travel, lodging and boarding costs will be in addition to the services.

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