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Dressing & Styling tips for Holi 2018

Dressing & Styling tips for Holi 2018

Dressing & Styling tips for Holi 2018

Dressing & Styling tips for Holi 2018

27 Feb 2018

Holi is around the corner so fun and colors will be on our minds. As much as we plan our Holi adventures we also plan our Holi dressing and styling. Image Redefined brings to you some super chic and super useful dressing, styling and safety tips for this Holi 2018.

White is too Cliche, get into the Holi Spirit with colors

Try bright bold colors and floral patterns this spring. Early March, Holi being on 2nd March this year can still be a little cold for North India, especially Delhi and Gurgaon. You can mix fashionable tees or tops with palazzo and trousers. White is cliche and you are bound to spoil the dress forever, so try floral print tops with denim hot pants or light blue jeans.

Get creative with your old stocks

Many of us will pull out that old tee or shirt from the box to use it on Holi as it is going to be discarded most probably. In that case, you can get creative with it by trying one or more of the following.

Protect your Hair from Holi attack

Your hair tends to take most of the Holi attack as color spray cans, water balloons, Gulaal and even varnish get into your hair. You would definitely protect yourself from that. But you do not need to hide indoors; rather do that in style. Try a cool cap, fashionable hat or a bandanna. Knot up your hair or make a bun to minimize exposure to water and colors.

Nail Art and Eye Makeup is Vogue, get funky

Get in the fun and colorful spirit with a colorful and funky nail art. You can do it yourself quite easily and inexpensively with some video tutorials. Eye art or eye makeup is also in fashion these days. Use a good moisturizer or make-up base as they help you protect your facial skin from colors too. But remember to use waterproof makeup material like eyeliner and mascara for obvious Holi reasons.  

Funky Footwear

Mostly we do not pay much attention to our footwear on Holi as they tend to get a heavy blow of water, colors, dirt etc. So if you are on minimal and simple footwear put on your funkiest socks. Similarly, you can try black glitter shoes or floral/colorful patterned shoes if it can brave the water. Avoid leather, again for obvious Holi reasons.

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