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Most Amazing Formal Color Combination for Men

Most Amazing Formal Color Combination for Men

Most Amazing Formal Color Combination for Men

19 Aug 2021

Are you tired of wearing the same old black and white clothes? Well, here are the few combinations that can brighten up your wardrobe.To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite colour combinations that have been tried and tested. They’re completely foolproof, and anyone can try them.

But make sure you take notes because you'll need to recall every single detail. This post should be your go-to for colour inspiration whenever you need it, and you will not be disappointed! Here are some trending and classic color combinations for men by Nidhi Jagtiani - leading image consultant for men.

1) Light Blue and Brown

This outfit is appropriate for any formal occasion. The blue colour provides a new sensation and appearance, while the brown complements your modest dressing taste. With this fantastic colour combination of brown and blue, you can wear black or brown brogues.
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2) Olive Green and Light Brown

Olive green blazer with classic light blue shirt and brown is a fantastic and highly preferred apparel colour combination among all the earthy colours on the spectrum! The majority of individuals prefer earthy tones. This is due to the fact that they are inspired by nature. The rich yet muted aesthetic appeal of olive green colour can be attributed to the thick leaves of a tree, which is why wearing it in the morning can be very relaxing. It’s also one of the few darker colours that don’t retain heat.

Whether you’re going to a party or attending a conference meeting, pairing olive green & light brown the right way will make you stand out from the crowd. And for footwear, you can go for classic brown leather shoes.
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3) Pink and Grey

The days when pink was thought to be a girly colour are long gone! Every guy thinks that at times pink suits them better than the girls. Grey coupled with pink and a pair of black formal shoes is a very sophisticated combination and we’re confident that your favorite bloggers have been promoting it on several occasions.
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4) Navy Blue and Beige

Navy blue blazers with a light blue shirt are also a great match for beige trousers to up your style quotient. For a stunning ready-to-wear business outfit, pair a beige bottom with a vibrant blue top and dark brown pair of shoes. When you don’t have much time to mix and match, this combination appears to be a trendy favourite. When combined in a layering clothing style, the vivid blues provide a great colour combination for formal attire.
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5) Grey and Shades of Blue

Some colours never go out of style! Grey with a light blue shirt and navy blazer is a quintessential example of this. The grey color has always stayed at the top of the favourite colour list when it comes to formal wear. This fantastic traditional combo along with black or brown shoes will keep you completely formal. You can break the blue color by wearing a Maroon/wine color tie. This combo has been professionally tamed and has the capacity to make your appearance at most formal events.
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6) Light blue and black

We love classics, and here’s another that’s both high-impact and low-effort. You may accessorise or wear these colours in several ways because they are so versatile! However, It’s crucial to choose the right shade of both colours. Some of the best black and blue pieces are available in a variety of colours. When wearing black trousers, always opt for a lighter shade of blue for the shirt and brown or black formal shoes.
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Author: Supreet Kaur

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