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Amazing Color Combinations for Mens Casual Wardrobe

Amazing Color Combinations for Mens Casual Wardrobe

Amazing Color Combinations for Men’s Casual Wardrobe

Amazing Color Combinations for Men’s Casual Wardrobe

19 Aug 2021

Building your wardrobe becomes easier if you can construct a solid foundation of basic informal clothing. You can add innovation or adhere to the classics once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. Allow us to walk you through nailing the casual basics. This is an informal staple clothing guide for the modern generation, which does not include formal suits and work attire. It’s only a matter of how to color coordinate the clothes together once you’ve picked on your favorite shirt and trousers. Here’s a quick guide to putting the pieces together.

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Maroon/Wine shirt and Brown trousers

1) Maroon/Wine shirt and Brown trousers

You can combine a wine/maroon shirt along with a pair of beige chinos and matching wine colored canvas shoes. If you think the maroon color is too much for you, you can break it by wearing white t-shirt underneath and keep the shirt open. We adore how, in addition to being deep and rich, it’s also really elegant and sophisticated. You’ll get a lot of praise from your friends, colleagues, and, of course, women if you combine the two.

It is appropriate for several events, whether it’s a party or a date night.

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Beige Polo and Olive green chinos

2) Beige Polo and Olive green chinos

Olive green chinos and beige polo t-shirt are one of the combinations that you come across very rare. But once in a while, your wardrobe deserves the style upgrade and you can pull it off this outfit by pairing it with white sneakers for a date or a brunch with your family and friends.

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White shirt and Tan chinos

3) White shirt and Tan chinos

What happens when two colors that symbolize peace and freshness are combined? You have the ideal summer clothes color combination that you can wear to college or for any day look. Styling isn’t just about what looks good on you; it’s also about putting others at ease, and these two hues work together to do just that! Combinations like this are one of the must have staples in your wardrobe that make you look effortless.

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Printed shirt and Grey trousers

4) Printed shirt and Grey trousers

Prints are definitely not for the faint-hearted, so don’t try it on unless you want to be the center of attention and level up your style game, then we recommend a printed shirt with grey trousers plus a black pair of shoes.

The boldness of the print will be balanced out by solid grey trousers, giving you the opportunity to try out this stylish combination.

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Grey t-shirt and Navy chinos

5) Grey t-shirt and Navy chinos

We certainly adore classics, and here’s another great combination that’s perfect for a casual outerwear look. This one is for you if you’ve ever unintentionally combined your basic grey top with navy blue pants.

Giving a chance to this classic combination, you can surely steal the spotlight and woo your girlfriend while still being comfortable. We are certain this color scheme will help you look relaxed and fashionable at the same time.

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Denim on Denim

6) Denim on Denim

For a casual outing with your friends, you can go for a splendid combination of black polo with Denim on Denim and a pair of sneakers that is tried and tested multiple times. As blue jeans are denim, they would look fantastic with a denim jacket. However, make sure the top is a slightly different color than the pants, or vice versa, for best results.


7) Monotone

The simplest basic outfit combinations are frequently the ones that make the biggest impact. Sometimes all you need is a simple ensemble that looks put-together and effortless. Adding multiple textures and prints to your monochrome clothing will definitely make a statement.

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Author: Supreet Kaur

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