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Body Image and Self Esteem

Body Image and Self Esteem

Body Image and Self Esteem

Body Image and Self Esteem

16 Jan 2018

How often do we hear people saying something like:
I am Fat. I am not beautiful. I wish I was tall like Simran.I would be happier if I had longer hair. I wish my son was fairer. I wish I had bigger muscles and a wider chest.

Fact 1#:  As we grow up, we tend to ignore that fact that we are all happy with our body image since birth, even if we are differently abled or ugly by society’s standards

However, as we grow up we start to get dissatisfied with our physical attributes and start losing self-esteem.

People get into depression because of low self-esteem. Students and interview candidates have been known to perform below their ability because of poor self-esteem. Normally, an individual faces self-esteem issues because of dissatisfaction with their body images during their teenage period. Hormonal and physical changes affect your physical appearance and if you are not satisfied with the change, it tends to affect your self-esteem.

However, with changing times, even kindergarten kids are subjected to self-esteem and body image issues due to discrimination faced by the school, family etc.

Fact #2: If you can lose your self-esteem you can regain it too, with a strong will, practice and some guidance.

A majority of cases of low self-esteem arises from your perception of your body image. A good image consultant helps you address this issue by training you to embrace your body image and to feel confident with the same.

famous celebrities who made it big despite odd body image

Importance of Self-Esteem and Body Image in this competitive society

Self-esteem is all about how much people value themselves, the pride they feel in themselves, and how worthwhile they feel. Self-esteem is important because feeling good about yourself can affect how you act. There are thousands of celebrities and business tycoons who have made it big despite not being born with physical features that some people may consider charming. Yet they are more charming, more influential, more successful and more popular than many born beautiful by social norms.

So a person with high self-esteem and a positive body image enjoy the following advantages.

  • Makes friends easily and gets more appreciation in social/professional circles.
  • Get preference in interviews and competitions
  • Achieve better sales, and reach career goals faster
  • Make better life decisions which affect their lives more positively.

Tips for Improving your Body Image & Self-Esteem

The general perception people have about their body image is that they need to change physically to be acceptable by others. However, this is far from reality. You get accepted based on your behavior and your behavior is affected by the way you embrace your own body image.

If you are not satisfied with your skin color, body weight, facial features, the shape of your body, etc you need to understand that your happiness with these features depends on your acceptance of these features. You need not change them.

Any dissatisfaction with your body image is a figment of your imagination. Features that you cannot change - just forget it and accept it. You are very good enough as God has made you.

Here is a short to-do list for you

  • Encourage positive attitude towards yourself and the world around you, avoid exaggerations and negative self-talk
  • Love yourself for who you are and don’t compare yourself to others, you may not know other person’s hardships or challenges. Everyone is on the different journey in their life and you may not know what their journey is all about.
  • It is OK to be imperfect and one can’t be perfect in everything so just don’t try to master the art of perfection in every sphere of your life.Accept flaws and be human.
  • Learn to accept failures in life. It is a positive thing that at least you tried and don’t give up till you succeed.
  • Every night list three things/events in your day that really made you feel happy. It can be anything from the way someone complimented your dressing sense, a particular song, or how someone laughed at your jokes.
  • Keep focusing on the positive aspects and keep ignoring the negative aspects of life. Consider your blessings and stay positive.
  • Avoid people and situations that attempt to point out anything that makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • At the end please remember it really matters how you see yourself, if you are confident and happy you will be accepted everywhere you go
Body Image and Self Esteem

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