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Quarantine inspirations that our favourite Celebrities have to offer

Quarantine inspirations that our favourite Celebrities have to offer

Quarantine inspirations that our favourite Celebrities have to offer!

Quarantine inspirations that our favourite Celebrities have to offer!

16 Apr 2020

With increasing COVID 19 cases each day, India was locked down for 21 days which is now stretched till the 3rd of May. Social distancing and self-quarantine have taken a front seat as a result of India being locked. This is the most appropriate time to use it in a productive manner. While we see our favorite Celebrities promoting social distancing and safe hygienic measures, Let's have a look at how the modern-day celebrities are influencing the mass to follow the same.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhattis making use of the time by spending time with Edward and reading books, we know her love for cats and the way she loves them while calling her mother of a cat! Well, it's an ideal situation for thebookwormswho get stuck into their daily routines and miss reading books andutilizetheir time to acquire more knowledge and motivation.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar posteda video about how lockdown should be taken seriously mentioning the criticality of the situation. One of the busiest stars, with over 100 movies till now, 3-4 movies a year, Akshay Kumar takes a pause, spending time with his Author turned wife Twinkle Khanna, Sooryavanshi is yet to release, and what better than spending his leisure time with his wife? We know how the pandemic is spreading worldwide and we don't want ourhomemates to suffer, so why not Stay home safe and spend some quality time with your family?

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Queen Khan has recently joined the Instagram club. She shares her royal life by sharing photos of Saif Ali Khan with Taimur planting trees, reading books and Taimur's art with#Quarantimtimes #inhousepicasso hashtags. That's a good one! We can give more attention to our kids and motivatethemto learn new skills, let's make the boring quarantine time more productive!Kartik AryanBollywood's new heartthrob, with his recent movie hits, posts pictures of him doing dishes and watching his own movies with his parents. He starts a trend with #coronastopkarona #coronarapkarona with his latest rap on the pandemic.

Deepika Padukone

"Productivity in the time of COVID-19"a trend started my own very own Deepika, post pictures of doing households, skincare and workout routines. There aretimeswhen we struggle to cook the delicious food we want to eat, take good care oftheskin and bodywhenwe step out to work, it's high time we take care of all of that by giving more concerns to cooking, exercising and following good skincare routines. Who saidthequarantine period is boring when we have somanythings to do?

Sunny Leonne

Meanwhile, we saw one of our most searched stars masking and spending time with her husband and kids, Perfect family time!

Not only this but celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Rakul Preet Singh, Jaqueline Fernandesalso posted their workout posts inspiring to utilize the time with enthusiasm.

A lot of stars aretaking up the #quarantineantaksharichallenge by singing to theirfavoritetracks, this includesKriti Sanon, Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff, Ananya Pandeyto name a few. While Rajkumar Rao posts a picture binge-watching his favorite TV Series and shows, Ayushmann Khurana posts another poem written by him.Instagram today is filled with pictures and videos by celebrities who mentioned to stay home and stay safe, it's one of the top trending hashtags seems for a while.

Isn't it overwhelming to see biggies encouraging people to stay home and make the best of their times doing something that they love and enjoy doing?

We miss out on exploring so many things about us due to rat race we're engaged to every day, but now as we all are locked down in our homes, it's time that we avail ourselves to things we wish to learn, art, craft, music or the hobbies we missed out on, spend time and take care ofour families,stay connected to our nature surrounding us and make ourselves a better versions of our own selves but first


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