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5 Tips for Working from Home during Lockdown in India

5 Tips for Working from Home during Lockdown in India

5 Tips for Working from Home during Lockdown in India

5 Tips for Working from Home during Lockdown in India

12 Apr 2020

Working from home may seem like a dream for many people, but after some point in time, you feel work-shy. From this, you'll realize how lonely it can get if you don't have some ground rules with family, friends and the most important health.

It's not easy but can try setting boundaries which will keep you sane. Working from home has it's own benefits like you can play whatever music as loud as you want. You don't have to join pointless conversations with colleagues. Lack of rules or no rules feels less urgent about your work.

To help you, here are our 5 tips for working from home.

1| Set a Routine

Being at home you won't feel like dressing up. You want to relax around in your Pajamas. But a good idea could be to take a shower, get dressed and a short walk in your house before you start working on the laptop for the day. Dress up for the Job.

2| Allocate a specific Working Space

It's a bad idea to work from the bedroom as your bedroom will become connected with work. It's gonna ruin your sleeping patterns. So, Invest in a comfortable chair and table or create a specific work-area in your home. Also, you can try standing up for the conference calls to give you some exercise.

3| Make a To-Do list and Take Breaks

It's always good to work systematically, especially when working from home. Start your day by noting it down, what you need to do and how you intend to do it. Block your time for breaks so that you can recharge. You can use the methods in an amazing book BulletJournal to create your task list or use an app called ToDoist.

4| Over Communicate

Keep the communication lines open. There are tons of tools from which you can connect like video calls, digital chat, and even collaboration programs. While taking a break you feel positive and active. You can leverage Zoom for office communication and HouseParty for Friend's Get Together

5| Practice Self Love & Self Care

It's easy to talk about being productive and happy. So, it's time to stop talking and start working out. Carve out time for the exercise. Whether you are at the office or at home, you should prioritize your own health. You can use apps like Calm or Headspace and start practicing Daily Meditation.

By following all these tips you will feel more sane and healthy.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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