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The Most Extravagant & Crazy Expensive Products in the World

The Most Extravagant & Crazy Expensive Products in the World

The Most Extravagant & Crazy Expensive Products in the World

The Most Extravagant & Crazy Expensive Products in the World

15 Oct 2019

Beauty is an abstract concept. While everyone partakes in beauty in their own ways, some people prefer products that enhance their concept of beauty. These products are called makeups or beauty products and are available throughout the world in a range of prices. Although some people use makeup products to appear more ravishing or to hide some flaws that they think might affect their appearance, there are beauty products that are a gold standard for beautification as well as a status symbol.

These products are chiefly designed for affluent people and so can be determined by the way they have been priced. Here are a few of the most expensive beauty products out there that will blow your minds, at least from an affordability point of view:

1. JK7 Rejuvenating Serum Lotion (Price:- $1,200)

Founded by Dr Jurgen Klein, at a price of $1,200.00 for 15mL/0.5 fl.oz and $1,800.00 for 30mL/1.0 fl.oz, It is one of the most expensive anti-ageing serum in the world. Extracted from the purest of essential oils such as rose, Jasmine and Chamomile, the JK7 Rejuvenating Serum Lotion is packed with proven organic-based herbs like protein, peptides and liposomes. As you can see, no artificial or chemical element is added in this product.

It is packed with the ability to prevent the degeneration of the body while boosting the longevity and rejuvenation of the skin. JK7 mentions that you will start seeing some improvement in your skin tone, softer wrinkles and healthy glow within two or three weeks.

2. Artis Bespoke Brush (Price:- $25,000)

Artis, a giant beauty-based product company launched a $25000 Artis bespoke makeup brush which costs you more than a year of house rent. The brushes come in three different styles - Artis bespoke ruby, Artis bespoke Black diamond and Artis Bespoke white diamond with white gold plated- handle.

Along with bespoke brushes, you will also get additional products and services such as custom brush case and special care kit. The company also provides optional insurance, support phone number and email address which directly connects you with the customer care and lets them handle the issues of bespoke brushes brushing.

3. La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare (Price:- $1251)

Priced at $1251, the La Prairie Cellular Cream is among the most precious beauty products on earth and also the most extraordinary one in its abilities. It comes contained in a diamond-shaped bottle and serves as an ultimate rejuvenation or anti-ageing skincare product.

It helps in diminishing the visible signs of ageing by charging the skin's electrical balance with pure platinum. It also helps in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles effectively, maintaining skin firmness and preserving skin tone & texture.

How to use: for the best possible result, it is recommended to be applied on the face and neck in the morning or evening.

4. Peau Magnifique Les Yeux Youth Recruit for Eyes (Price:- $750)

We are all aware of the fact that how much proper care is required for the delicate skin around the eyes and so does ReVive. This product is a four-week skin-transforming treatment that helps to slow down the ageing of the skin. It will cost you something around $750 and you will get four vials for the targeted treatment.

It is recommended to use one per week for four back-to-back weeks and the cell renewal complex of this product will help you in reducing dark circles, puffiness and crow's feet. However, as per Dr Brown theory (the man behind this formulation), using this product 2 times a year will provide you with the best possible result.

5. Clive Christian X Pure Perfume ($1668)

Clive Christian is a UK based perfume company is founded in 1872, which is considered a special year. In the same year, Queen Victoria granted her permission to use the royal crown on its bottle, which has turned into a signature ever since.

The company uses only natural ingredients to create long-lasting and attractive fragrance extracted from ginger, amber, cardamom, bergamot, vetiver oil, cedarwood. The most interesting ingredient of all, however, is clary sage, the same herb that the emperor used to sprinkle on his own body before going into the battle.

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