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Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Men

Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Men

Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Men

Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Men

12 Dec 2019

8 things every would-be groom must consider before the big day

Wedding preparations are not something exclusive to the female dichotomy. Men need to prepare for their weddings as well, and this might include several aspects involving your overall body. There are certain aspects that men need to cover and come at the top off before they find themselves in bridegroom attire. 

Very often grooms seek experts help for professional grooming for their big day. While Image makeover consultants and personality development coaches do this job very well one may seek individual help from different service providers as well.

Here is a list of things men need to consider before their big day:

Professional Shave

Your marriage is probably one of the most important dates in your life, and you would like to appear presentable on that day. Before your wedding day, opt for a professional shave instead of having an inexperienced barber groom your beard. 

Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Men

Manicure / Pedicure

This is not something exclusively for women. Men need to have their hands & feet neat and tidy, especially for their wedding day. Invest in a proper manicure treatment and even out those jagged nails. Especially in Indian wedding rituals, there is a lot of focus on your hands and feet. There will be multiple photo moments around your hands and feet so you need to keep them prepared.

Facial Hair Trim

On your wedding day, your face is the center of attention. Don’t take any chances and remove all the excess hair from your face to appear sharp. Cut your nose hair, remove unibrow if you have one, and pluck out ingrown hairs. 


As mentioned above, your face is the most crucial point of attraction on your wedding day, and you would not want to give off any wrong message with it. Men usually do not care about their skin that much, and that is why they especially need to have their face cleaned before their wedding day.


Often, we are stressed before the oncoming of some special occasion, primarily if it is based around us. What could be a more significant occasion than your wedding ceremony? To appear attentive and energetic throughout the tiresome process of weddings, you need to have a massage before the events roll out. Trust us, and you would thank us later for this.

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth are one of the few parts of our body that we don’t pay much attention to, probably because they are mostly hidden unless we have to smile. Well, guess what, during your wedding ceremony, you would probably have to show off a week’s smile in one day. So, you need to be prepared to show off those pearly whites. 

Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Men

Upgrade Your Haircut

Your hair is another part of you that contributes to your overall look, and it makes sense to take care of it before any special occasion, especially your wedding. Make sure you get a haircut at least a month before your wedding so you have a chance to outgrow any mistakes that might occur.

Back and Shoulder Waxing

This is more of a personal choice. Nevertheless, if you are planning your honeymoon on a beach and you, along with your significant other, do not share an affinity for the hairy body, consider waxing your back, shoulders, and chest. You could also get a trimmer for yourself and remove excess hair from your body on your own.

Personal Trainer, Fashion Stylist, Soft Skills Trainer

On your wedding day, you undoubtedly need to look and feel your best. You could hire a personal trainer who will train you into achieving your best body in the least amount of time possible. Discuss your goals with your trainer and get to work to put up your best appearance and behavior.

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