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5 Most Important arts to learn from an Image Makeover Consultant

5 Most Important arts to learn from an Image Makeover Consultant

5 Most Important arts to learn from an Image Makeover Consultant.

5 Most Important arts to learn from an Image Makeover Consultant.

25 Oct 2017


Have you ever looked at the mirror and felt bad about your large belly or narrow hips? Remember that no lady, including those perfect lingerie models, has a flawless body. However, with smart clothing choices, you can downplay the imperfections and accentuate your strengths more. You will only be able to do it when you understand your own body shape.

Our Body Shape Evaluation is intended to create awareness and to encourage you to accept your body type and still look gorgeous. Each one of us is beautiful - all you need to know is how to highlight your best features.


Color speaks a lot about us. It has meanings and emotions all linked together. Color can signify energy and mood. The mix and match of clothes colors are an art. One of the most common problems men face when dealing with wardrobe issues is their lack of knowing which colors work together.

Our experts will help you know your 'Best Personal Colors'. Look radiant and young by wearing the right colors. Learn to color coordinate your clothes like a pro and create gorgeous combinations. It will give you a chance to prove to the world that you can dress smartly with great color-coordination skills.


Are keen to learn how to apply makeup? If so, you should remember that the whole process is almost like learning any art form like a painting. The only difference here is that instead of a canvas, you will have to experiment on your face. You need to play with the color palette and bring out your best features. Learning how to apply makeup takes a little bit of time and a whole lot of practice.

Learn to do your own Make-up just like a professional. We teach you about the Skin Care Routine, Right Make-up application and latest Make-up products in the market.


Every person is an individual in tastes and preferences. However, this individuality is not limited to our minds and emotions. It extends to physical appearance, especially face shape. This plays an important role when it comes to cosmetics and appearance. Before you choose a specific style or color scheme, know your face shape. This will help with choosing the ideal hairstyle and makeup methods that will compliment your natural beauty!

Our experts help you understand the shape of your Face. Identify the best Hairstyle for your face type and even the best suitable Specs Frames - you will look like a diva instantly.


By understanding which colors suit you the best, you can get an instant wardrobe makeover. With the help of color evaluation and wardrobe makeover, you will be able to dress elegantly for every occasion, without wasting too much time. So next time you're stuck at getting ready, or planning an outfit, think about how much color analysis can help you. By knowing your neutral colors and accent colors, you can plan better outfits.

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