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How to look good with Weight

How to look good with Weight

How to look good with ’Weight’

How to look good with ’Weight’

09 Mar 2017

’Weight’ is a very common problem that bothers each one of us at some point of time in our lives. After putting on ’Weight’ the first thing most people do is to try and hide that Weight. Oversized clothes, Dark/Dull Colours to name a few. What you wear will ultimately impact your psyche. So if you wear something boring you will not feel energetic and good about yourself.You may not look forward to what you have planned for the day.

Weight problem can make people so shattered that they stop going out and even if they go out they don"t feel confident. Thanks to Media &Bollywood that further make people conscious when they put on Weight, imagine what it could do if someone is Overweight.

Going under depression, popping pills?Not the solution.

First thing first please accept this extra "Weight" you have put on as a part of your body. Don"t do negative self-talk, extreme diet and exercises to ruin your health. You must read the book by Rujuta Diwekar "don"t lose your mind lose your weight" to lose weight by eating and exercising right, not really by starving or working out more than your body can handle.

Moreover whatever course of action you will follow, itwill take time to shed that "Weight" you have put on but till then believe that you can look good and dress smart. If you will look good you would be more motivated to lose that"Weight" rather by not looking good.

Here are few "dress slimstrategies" which you can incorporate to look good even with that extraWeight:-

a) Bring attention upwards to your face with Dominant jewellery pieces placed above the bust level. This will take attention away from the weight problem

a). Larger, bolder earrings
b).Long pendant or rope necklace

b) Go for Empire waist, Shirt waist and Drop-Waist Dresses if you have weight typically around your belly. Empire waist dresses are tight just below the bust whereas Drop-waist dresses are designed in a way that they fit loosely from shoulder to hip, transitioning into a pleated or gathered skirt at the hip, rather than the natural waistline.

c) Monochromatic Outfits - One color head to toe would make the body look taller and leaner

d) Go for Semi-fitted Clothing Styles rather extremely loose or extremely tight styles of clothing. Extremely loose or tight fitted clothes make the figure look disproportionate

e) Long Scarf hung or draped over one Shoulder distracts the attention away from the Weight problem

f) Longer Skirt with a high waist or wide belt, gives an illusion of slimmer waistline, you can add a tummy tucker if you are comfortable

g) V-neckline or V-neck collar openings give slimming effecth) Diagonal Wraps, Surplice Tops or Dresses also give slimming effect

h) Diagonal Wraps, Surplice Tops or Dresses also give slimming effect

i) Long or dress length Duster or Shrugs

j) Shift or Chemise Dresses - Shift Dress simply falls straight down from your shoulders, meaning it"s a bit more flow-y over your hips and waist

k) Low to medium heels or wedges to lift and balance the body

l) Hairstyles with some volume and uplift lines to balance the body Last but not the least you will truly feel beautiful when you let go all of the negative emotions, eat healthy, exercise daily and laugh even if there is no reason or occasion. Thank god each day for giving you the life you have as a lot of people may not have what you have.

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