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Airport and Flight Etiquette

Airport and Flight Etiquette

Airport and Flight Etiquette

Airport and Flight Etiquette

23 Mar 2018

Airport and flight are such places where important people value time more than money. Our etiquette communicates our personality. 

Here are some handy Airport and Flight etiquette that we should seriously follow for our self-image enhancement and to make the trips and experiences of our co-passengers better.

1. Honoring Security Protocols and Cooperating with Security Officials
We must understand that security protocols are for our own good. They are not meant to make life tough for us, rather they are meant to make life easy for everyone. So breaking the queue and crowding the check-in desk or arguing with the security staff why original Identity document is required makes things tough for scores of other passengers waiting behind you. Please make sure you reach before time with a checklist of requirement for your flight.

2. Let’s keep our noise to ourselves (Phones, Music, etc)

Those 15-20 people sitting around you at the airport lounge while waiting for the boarding process have totally no interest in others Phone calls or your Music preferences. Everyone would be thankful and they would appreciate if one uses headphones or use a secluded corner for your phone conversations.

3. Food is important, so are dining etiquette
Avoid carrying food with a strong odor in your cabin bags or hand luggage under the seats. Use the fold-able table from the back of the seat in front of you and dine slowly and carefully. It is a small table and a moving plane. Picking food stuck within teeth with hands or making sounds when chewing or burping can be really annoying to the person next to you.

4. Fragrances are welcome, but must not be annoying
It does please your co-passenger if you have used deodorant or perfume to minimize your body odor. But that must not be too strong to annoy them. The same applies to hair oils, even if they are for medical purposes. They should be soft smelling and odorless at best. A good mouthwash or mouth freshener must be a part of your travel kit.  

5. Treat others nicely and they will reciprocate equally

Flirting with Hostesses or making unreasonable demands is a rude act and encourages others to do the same. Similarly using the back of the seat in front of you as your knee rest or footrest can be highly disturbing to the person in front of you. If you are sleepy, please make sure you do not use your neighbor’s shoulders as your headrest. It is good to engage in low volume conversations with those next to you. But make sure they are equally interested in that conversation as you might well be annoying them.

6. Kids are adorable if their parents are sensible.
Co-passengers like it when there are kids around, subject to the condition that their parents can control them properly. Be sensible and monitor your kids. Do not let them kick the front seats or run down the aisle. Engage them wisely. No one enjoys their hair pulled or chocolate artwork on their white shirts, even if it’s from an innocent infant. Learn to pacify your crying baby. 

7. Set examples for others to follow and get admired for benevolent acts
Avoid unpacking in the aisle or standing there too long.
Help women passengers with kids and old people with luggage they will be very thankful to you.
Do not rush deboard the plane, let others ahead of you get down and wait for you turn using the nearest exit door.
Follow cabin crews advice and seat belt / electronic items use signals religiously.

8. Dress Etiquette
It is always advisable to travel light, including our dress. Avoid skimpy clothes as it may be a cause of discomfort to someone else. And given the temperature fluctuations inside a flight cabin, a light stole is advisable. It is good to predetermine the weather at your destination and dress accordingly as well. Minimize your jewelry as chances of misplacing them or theft during travel is a common occurrence. 

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