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Winter Style Essentials: How to Look Stylish in Cold Weather

Winter Style Essentials: How to Look Stylish in Cold Weather

Winter Style Essentials: How to Look Stylish in Cold Weather

Winter Style Essentials: How to Look Stylish in Cold Weather

26 Jul 2021

Winter season comes as a threat to our personal style and leaves us wondering how we can continue to be stylish while wearing all those warm clothes. But a few tips and tricks can make you look cute and stylish even in the coldest of weathers. 

Here are a few things that you can do avoid bulking up in the winter season and still stay warm and trendy:

Wear thermal basics

The first thing to do, if you want to remain warm without having to put on a lot of clothes, is to wear a pair of thermal tights. It may sound basic but most people don't go with this option. You can wear your favourite everyday clothes over thermal tights and keep yourself warm and snuggly. Moreover, thermals let you avoid wearing multiple clothes that can cause bulkiness.

Pick the right winter jacket

Pick the right winter jacket

A winter jacket can make or break your look. Choose a winter jacket that fits you well around the shoulders and hugs your curves. Go with woollen fabric instead of fluffy material. However, if you absolutely have to choose a bulky jacket, make sure to belt it down to give it a nice fit around your waist and compliment your body. A belt can define your waist and make you look polished and refined.

If you are in the market for a winter jacket, consider these points for style and comfort:

  • Enough room to move your arm comfortably: This is an important aspect of buying any coat or winter jacket. While picking a jacket, make sure you have tried them and can easily move in them. Wearing a coat or winter jacket should not restrain your movement in any way.
  • Look for a belted or waist define coat: Prefer belted or waist-define coats over simple ones. Belts help you keep the coat in place while accentuating your body shape.
  • Look for longer coats: Long coats are stylish and can make you appear suave and elegant while keeping you warm.
  • Pick the right colour: You can find winter jackets and coats in a vast variety of colours. Make sure to choose the colour that suits your personality and brings out the best in you. If you are new to winter jackets and coats, opt for neutral colours like black, blue, and grey.
  • Avoid falling for trend: Trends come and go and it is better to pay no heed to them if you are buying a piece fo clothes that you are going to wear over the years. Coats and jackets without trendy design tend to look more classy and can stay in your wardrobe for long.
  • Buy winter jackets with a hood, preferably removable: A hood can help you cover yourself if you happen to get caught in rain or snow. A removable hood is the best way to go while buying a winter jacket or coat.

Protect your shoes

Winter season comes with chances of rain and snow. But if you are not someone who walks a lot, you probably don't need to invest in rain boots.

You can go with flat over the knee boots if you need to go out but don't wear them for long periods of time as they can be uncomfortable after a while. Over the knee boots are high and provide an extra layer of warmth. They can also go with most pair of clothes.

Nevertheless, if you have to walk around a lot, consider investing in a functional snow or rain boots. you can also get in touch with your personal fashion stylist, they will guide you on what to wear and what not to wear while choosing clothes for winter season.

Tips to keep in mind while buying winter boots:

Tips to keep in mind while buying winter boots:

  • Go for monochrome boots: To get most out of your boots and be able to pair them with most of your clothes, go with a single-toned colour pair of boots. 
  • Say no to bulky pairs: winter boots are bulkier than other pair of boots. Nevertheless, if you look around, you can find the perfect pair of winter boots that are not too bulky and fit you perfectly. 
  • Spend a bit more: While buying winter boots, be ready to shell some extra money to get a high-quality and durable pair. 
  • Tall women can wear thigh-length boots in order to complement their height. If you can’t make up your mind between the length of the boot, it is better to go with calf-length boots and get comfortable with them at first.

Choose the right accessories

Besides picking up the right winter jacket and shoes, the winter season also calls for the use of accessories to give you a more refined look. Here are a few accessories that you need to invest in:

  • Gloves: Gloves can elevate or deteriorate your overall look, based on the type of material, fit, and colour you choose. Leather gloves look much more stylish than cotton gloves. When it comes to colours, choose a neutral hue as they can be paired with most of your clothes.<
  • Hats: A must piece of accessories in the winter season is a hat. If you are going for a classy look, opt for a simple hat in muted colours. If you are not a hat person, you can try earmuffs or berets.
  • Scarves: Scarves can elevate your look instantly. You can go wild while buying scarves. Moreover, scarves give you the advantage to create variety in your overall outfit.
  • Ladies who are on the shorter side of the height spectrum should avoid high winter boots as it makes you look shorter.
  • Dark and Tan coloured boots can be paired with multiple colours. So try to pick them over light and bright colours as you probably won't be buying too many winter boots to match your dresses.
  • It is important to remember that winter boots are not only fashionable in winter they keep you warm as well. Make sure the boots you are buying are capable enough to protect your feet and keep it warm.

Wear skirts and dresses

Who says you can't wear dresses and skirts in the winter season? As long as you are taking proper precaution, you can wear anything you like, regardless of the season. Wear tights to cut off cold and don a skirt or a dress over them.

You can also consider buying a cashmere fabric dress. Cashmere dresses are warm and stylish at the same time .

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