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How to choose the perfect graduation day outfit?

How to choose the perfect graduation day outfit?

How to choose the perfect graduation day outfit?

How to choose the perfect graduation day outfit?

26 Jul 2021

Graduation is one of the most important moments of our lives. Years of grinding in college, doing late-night assignments, and surviving on noodles have finally paid off and it calls for a celebration. It only makes sense that we dress for the occasion. 

To celebrate one of the most memorable moments of your life, you must choose clothes that best suit your mood and personality. If you are wondering what you should wear for your graduation day, here are a few outfit ideas that you can choose from:

Formal jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are in fashion and what could be better to choose one to spend your graduation day in. Opt for a bold and monochromatic jumpsuit that brings out the sass in you.

The jumpsuits are fashionable and voguish and are available in a range of styles so you have a lot of options. Keep them on your radar while shopping as they can be the perfect graduation day outfit for you.

Floral midi dress

One of the best graduation day outfits comes in the form of a floral midi dress. If you don't have anything planned, floral midi dresses can be your last resort. Moreover, floral midi dresses don't require much effort and can be carried off quite easily. So, if you planning for a happening graduation day, this is one of the best outfits for you.

A-line dresses

A-line dresses fall into the category of classy graduation day outfits. You can either choose a single tone or go with the colour block option. From halter necks to sleeveless, there are numerous types of dresses available for you to choose from. Whatever your style, there is an A-line dress in the market for you.

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You just can't go wrong with the saree. It is one of the classiest Indian attire that can go well on any occasion. Needless to say, a saree is one of the best graduation day outfits. For your graduation day, choose a simple and elegant saree, something that you can carry and be comfortable in. You can choose a single-toned saree with a contrasting blouse or you can opt for a vibrant piece to suit your bubbly personality.

Suit pant

If you are looking for a formal graduation day outfit, suit pant is your best pick. They also make for a perfect winter graduation day outfit. Suit pants are classy, elegant, and can bring out the best in you.

In terms of variability, you can choose from matching trousers and blazers to co-ed sets. Pair your suit pants with stilettos, minimal makeup, and light accessories for the perfect graduation day look.

Simple gowns

If you are in an exceptionally celebratory mood, simple gowns with intricate jewellery and classy sandals would be just the right way to do it. Make sure to keep it simple and down-to-earth as this is not a prom day or Friday night party.

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Salwar suit

Salwar suit is another ethnic wear that can be the perfect outfit for graduation day. Not unlike saree, they are rooted in Indian culture and are available in a range of styles for you to choose from. Not to mention, they are always in style, which makes them the go-to piece of clothing for every occasion.

Formal top with midi skirts

While this pair may sound odd, especially for graduation day, if you style it right you can be the belle of the ball on the graduation day. If it is Summer season, go with cotton tops and pair them with dark-hued midi skirts. During winters, you can go with a sweater or turtle neck and pair them with high contrast midi skirts.

Satin dresses

Nothing says style and elegance like a well-fitting satin dress. Although it is entirely a party dress, satin dresses can be made into a great graduation day outfit with a little modification. Choose a light-coloured satin dress and pair them with high heels, minimal makeup and light accessories.

Graduation is one of the best times in our lives which calls for a great outfit. With this guide, we hope you can settle on your perfect graduation day outfit. Remember, there are no rules as long as you look ravishing and are comfortable in what you are wearing. If you land yourself into a tangle on deciding what to wear or what to not, you may consult with a personal fashion stylist for all of your dressing intricacies.

Photo by Satria Perkasa on Unsplash

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