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7 things a professional Lady must know about makeup.

7 things a professional Lady must know about makeup.

7 things a professional Lady must know about makeup.

7 things a professional Lady must know about makeup.

11 May 2018

As an Image Consultant and professional makeup trainer, I am sometimes shocked how little information or how misleading information working women have amassed and how it impacts their overall presentability. Let’s discuss 7 most important things you must know about your makeup. 

When we say makeup it need not be as heavy as you see brides with bridal makeup or fantastic as ramp models. As a working professional, we understand your busy schedule and demands at home as a mother and wife. So, today we are discussing makeup as it is suitable for everyday routine of a busy working lady, that most of us are. Even if you are not in active employment, smart makeup and styling tips always come handy to give you a charming personality at parties, evening gatherings in the locality, parents meet etc

1. Makeup actually makes a positive impact on your personality - if done correctly.

Some working women have this notion that makeup is not allowed at work or that it gives you a pampered image. But that is far from the truth, you absolutely need a good makeup to strengthen your personal image. It will do wonders to your communication and confidence and the result will reflect in your achievements at work. (learn more about our personality development training)

2. Makeup is not time taking - Learn Quick makeup tips needed for a working lady.

From our experience at saloons and with makeup artists we have developed a mentality that makeup takes a lot of time and time is luxury for us. But, that is hardly correct. You could achieve great looks by only sparing 5-10 minutes while you are getting ready for office.

3. Makeup is not costly - Especially when you do it yourself.

Makeup professionals, especially the bridal makeup artists and Beauty parlor folks make it so complicated with dozens of brushes, different coatings, treatments that the end result becomes too costly for you. So you give up the idea getting a good makeup every day. However, most of those practices are unwanted and are done only to engorge your makeup bills. If you can learn to do a quick makeup as per your personality and the occasion it is a very simple affair.

4. Learning to do your own makeup is neither difficult nor costly.
Now, your next dilemma would be - Whether to invest money into learning make up. You might think learning professional make-up is a costly affair and it may be difficult for you to learn and practice regularly. Let me assure it again that is nothing to worry about. Learning professional makeup is easy and can be completed in one session. You need not spend a lot in courses spanning over months.

5. Bridal makeup and Professional Make-up are two very different things

We must understand that daily makeup and styling for women is nothing like bridal makeup or ramp-show makeup where the makeup is heavy. It can be a simple thing as eyeliner and the right lipstick. We are not talking about thick layers of foundation, glitter, nail and hair extensions etc. It is what takes to make your personality stand out and become more noticeable that will leave a lasting impression on the people you meet during the day.

6. You can learn professional & Quick makeup in a Single Session

Like mentioned before, you can learn professional makeup in a single session of 2-4 hours. It can be customized as per your requirement and at flexible times that suit your working hours. Weekends are a great time to push for single session training.

7. Video tutorials are good, but Practicing with a professional is better.

Finally, you may have another question on your mind. Can't I learn all these on youtube or Udemy? Yes, you can. But learning from a working professional and practicing makeup with them under their active monitoring is a significantly different experience. Plus, it also saves you a lot of time. We help you source makeup material and build your starter makeup kit.

Use #uncomplicatemakeup and post your question about makeup on our facebook page or on your own wall and we shall answer it. We also offer soft skill training along with image enhancement for complete personality development.

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