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The Rising Demand of Virtual Wedding Stylists in India

The Rising Demand of Virtual Wedding Stylists in India

The Rising Demand of Virtual Wedding Stylists in India

The Rising Demand of Virtual Wedding Stylists in India

26 Jul 2021

The coronavirus crisis is getting into our nerves, isn’t it? One one the major aftereffects of COVID-19 is the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING. In India specifically, because Weddings are no small deals here! 

A thousand of people gather for dazzling multi-day weddings, fun, lavish, and it's a massive industry. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus-pandemic world, these weddings now present themselves as highly super-spreader events, something that is not legit as per rules and safety of one and all.

How will Indian weddings change to fit the new normal? Many couples have taken the easy way out or rescheduled their weddings for later hoping for better days. Some weddings will be conducted as spartan events as in the couple and their immediate families. Meanwhile, some creative wedding planners are thinking of using technology and innovation to reform the magic of a big fat Indian wedding.

But COVID-19 seems to put a brake on it. For an Indian Wedding, couples now need a safe, coronavirus-proof wedding is probably at least 18-24 months away. But wait, is this the end?



Online Mehendi, Sangeet ceremony, and other necessary events were performed according to the Hindu custom wherein a ’pandit’ (priest) was chanting Hindu mantras while being connected on a video call. This already has given birth to "Big Fat" wedding to "Small virtual" weddings and how! By that, we could easily see the glimpses of future weddings that give birth to a new genre of styling and consultation, VIRTUAL WEDDING STYLIST.Well, here’s a story, Avinash and Kirti, a couple had an online wedding this April, was virtually attended by 80 of their close friends and relatives.


"Bridal stylist or Wedding stylist" is probably not an alien term to many, we might have heard about last-minute consultations, styling sessions while you're distant but we were never much vocal about it.

Most likely, the first vendors you think to hire are the cater, florist, photographer, or day-of planner, but with weddings, the stylist role is crucial and can save your time and money! You, by all means, need to look the best version of yours while getting married isn't it? Weddings are occasions that comes once in a lifetime, and everybody wants to look the best. Here are a few reasons why hiring a wedding stylist would help the groom and the bride to look more than their expectations.

  1. The typical Traditional Outfit : Whether the Groom or Bride, your wedding wardrobe is often the most difficult, emotional and stressful part of organizing the nuptials. A wedding stylist's task is to make you feel and look your best, managing expectations, budget, and source options for you by and assisting with every aspect from gown shopping to dressing you on your big day. She's you consultant on what to wear, how and why. What looks best on your meeting your expectations and budget, of course, the environment!
  2. Choosing Bridal Accessories: Not only outfits but accessories tends to play a major role in making your day special as well. The jewelry, the makeup, and tons other details that you would like focus on, Your stylist will get you covered.
  3. Styling the Groom: Let's accept men do need our help. So while helping brides, it's nice to offer support to the grooms to have a cohesive look on their wedding day. Styling the groom usually helps to push them outside their comfort zone to execute a dapper look. At least that encourages them NOT to just wear black and provides an element of surprise for their bride. That well is important!
  4. The Personal Connection: You would want an element of your personal style even on your wedding day, and a wedding stylist help to rock just that!


We know coronavirus is going nowhere for some time, and with Virtual weddings upcoming onto the next trending list, you would not want to postpone your special you've waited for right? Online Wedding Stylist will not only help you find the right picks, your safety and health will also be ensured, as no have to go nowhere but stay at your room and have a conversation! So here are a few benefits of hiring an Online wedding stylist:

  1. You'll end up saving time. Picking up the right silhouette for your wedding dress is a task for one and all. The ultimate confusion of what to wear or what not to, constant advice from friends and family makes it more difficult for us to even think about what is right for us. Online wedding stylists can do that you!
  2. It's affordable. The consultation is budget-friendly, you save bucks on traveling for the consultation and shopping, is the real value for money.
  3. They provide suggestions of online sites making it easy to choose and shop from. You might need an expert who would listen to all your shopping needs and suggest variety of brands that you might be unaware of.
  4. Presentations and lookbook for clear vision: They would help you with lookbooks on creative styling on the basis of your needs so that none of your outfits looks boring and make sure you haven't missed any point of grooming!
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But wait, If hiring a wedding stylist is that important, let’s pay focus on the aspects of how a Wedding Stylist makes this possible. In case, we get skeptical about the accuracy of Virtual styling for various events, we’ve got your doubts covered!

  • Body shape Evaluation: Body Shape Session is aimed at creating awareness as to how to accept who you are and simply be in love with you. Everyone is beautiful just that one needs to know what makes them look beautiful. With that note, they would help you get that perfect silhouette of lehenga or gown, the details that would add to your personal style and help you look the best version of yourself.
  • Color analysis: Living in shades of black and white is as boring to be watching a black and white movie. Everybody wants to look vibrant on their special day. The color analysis will help you add colors that would accentuate your skin tone and will make look amazing! Don't be Color Confused rather use Colors to your advantage to look vibrant, attractive, younger, and chic.
  • Make-Up Evaluation: Experimenting with new Hair Styles and Make-up becomes easier and simpler. Who doesn't want to invest in something that will help you style life long?
  • Face Shapes: Knowing your Face Shape is just like rediscovering yourself all over again. Experimenting with new Hair Styles and Make-up becomes easier and simpler. It's like New You!
  • Wardrobe Evaluation: Wedding Wardrobe is one of the major aspects the brides and grooms focus on. It's confusing, but with proper guidance, you will tend to achieve a wardrobe you'll be proud to own. They are the part of the memories that stay forever, pictures, albums, real or virtual, they are a part of a major life change. other necessary events were performed according to the Hindu custom wherein a 'pandit' (priest) was chanting Hindu mantras while being connected on a video call. This already has given birth to "Big Fat" wedding create a wardrobe you'll proudly own!
  • Personal Shopping: Shopping for some people can be fun but for others, it can really be a painstaking task. Wedding shopping calls for different brands, boutiques, fitting, color, texture, material, and whatnot. What's better than a wedding stylist who would help you create a wardrobe even post-marriage days.

While we're improving on technology in various fields, why not introduce it into the wedding industry too? Pandemic and lockdown is just another hint, that how much we're dependant on technology and how life-changing it could be. With ups and downs, life never stops and we should always look for solutions rather than postponing our special events. If virtual weddings are possible, 100% chances of hiring an online wedding stylist too. It's worth the investment as it will make your lives much easier and stress-free adding on to the affordability. Saying yes to online wedding stylist? Of-course yes!

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