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Reasons why you should invest in a Wedding Shopping Consultant

Reasons why you should invest in a Wedding Shopping Consultant

Reasons why you should invest in a Wedding Shopping Consultant

Reasons why you should invest in a Wedding Shopping Consultant

19 Aug 2021

Hey Brides-to-be and Grooms-to-be!

You all must be feeling tired after hours of scrolling on Instagram or Pinterest looking for perfect references for your wedding outfit or trousseau shopping, but don’t know exactly how to turn those references into a reality. Fret not! We have got you covered and that’s where the Personal Stylist steps in. 

So, what is a Personal Stylist or Wedding Shopping Consultant and what exactly they do? You must be pondering over this question. In clear words, a Wedding Shopping Consultant is someone with years of experience in Styling and Image Makeover who will listen to your ideas and vision for your big day and make your dream wedding come true. They will give you suggestions and help you choose the right colors, fabrics, style, and silhouette of the outfits, accessories and grooming equipment.

Not only you will save the hours spent on relentless shopping, makeup, accessories, and matching attires of the bride and groom, but also effort and money.

Do you want to know how to exactly save all the hustle? Read the article till the end!

1) Saving you money by making the right choices

Splurging money on a wedding to make it a big-fat wedding is one thing but wasting money on some dress that isn’t your style or isn’t made for your body type is surely not okay. One of the biggest events of your life is your wedding day and choosing the right outfit for the occasion is of utmost importance. No one else, other than your Shopping Consultant would do justice when it comes to knowing all the fine details about the designs, fit and correct silhouette for you.

Here are some points worth mentioning

Similarly, due to the pressure of forthcoming wedding and rapid changes in our personal lives, we tend to outdo to ourselves and overshop.
We may stock up on unnecessary items that may go out of fashion or may not fit us any longer.
Impulsive shopping is very commonly noted in would-be brides and grooms.
In a hurry to impress your future spouse you end up making wrong choices and waste money and time on buying something that may not look good on your partner.
We often forget our upcoming lifestyles where family and in-laws have different expectations.

2) Helping you in conscious buying and not hoarding every possible thing

Due to family pressure, every bride and groom end up buying unnecessary stuff or too many things which they don’t need.

We help you incorporating minimalism into your life and invest in quality and statement pieces that you can wear in many possible ways. For example - You can buy one power suit for your trousseau and can wear it in several combinations.

3) Saving your precious time and energy

With the help of a Shopping Consultant, you won’t be required to swing between relatives’ suggestions and sales consultants at the boutiques or designer stores. Your Stylist knows your interests and will only suggest those things what’s best for you, unlike relatives who might be speaking out of their taste and sales staff who just want you to buy expensive stuff. There’s nothing compared to having your Stylist scheduling, planning, and accompanying you on your appointments for trials and shopping trips, guiding you to make informed decisions. This way of shopping is way more strategic and saves you tonnes of energy and ensures that you return home happy having enough time to sort out other things.

4) Selecting things as per your Body -Type and Style

The beauty of any outfit doesn’t come with the fact that some celebrity wore it or it’s insanely expensive. Firstly, it comes with the perfect fit and secondly when it matches your style. The purpose of a Wedding Shopping Consultant is to analyse your Body-Type and suggest the silhouettes accordingly. If you are not able to find the perfect fit, it’s the job of your consultant to get it custom-tailored according to your body measurements. Combining the outfits properly with accessories can bring-out the best in you by hiding or highlighting appropriate body parts.

5) Helping you with the Color-Analysis for your outfits and accessories

Besides picking out the right silhouettes, the other thing which is of great importance is the right color of your outfits and accessories. Your stylist will help you curate the color palette which works best for you. You might be inclined towards a specific color that you want to wear for your big day, but deciding its lightness/darkness is something that your stylist will find out with the help of a Color-Analysis test and make sure those colors compliment your skin tone.

6) Matching and complementing your look with your partner’s

Only wearing the same colors will not make your look cohesive. To achieve the perfect harmony in the couple’s look, who else can help you in a better way other than your consultant. And this made-for-each-other look you need for your all wedding shenanigans, Be it Pre-Wed Shoots, Mehndi, Haldi, Sangeet, Wedding, or Reception.

7) Helping you stay within your budget

Wedding is such an event where things often get out of your hand and you end up spending way beyond your budget. However, when you have an experienced wedding consultant with you, he/she will do a thorough analysis of your style and requirements and provide you best within your budget.

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