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Professional Advice for Boys to approach shy girls

Professional Advice for Boys to approach shy girls

Professional Advice for Boys to approach shy girls

Professional Advice for Boys to approach shy girls

30 Jan 2019

Have a crush on a shy girl but don’t know how to approach her? Maybe wanting to talk to a girl who barely makes an eye-contact? Difficult, right? Not anymore. Here’s a complete guide to approach shy girls. Let’s get into the mind of shy girls.

So how do u know that you have eyed a shy girl?

  • She barely makes eye contact
  • Hesitates to engage in conversation or interaction
  • Crosses Arms or keep fiddling with rings or fingers
  • Speaks in a soft, barely audible tone

Science proves that our general behavior is a combined result of few Social and psychological factors. All the hesitations of a shy girl may have been rooted in Childhood insecurities, family issues or cultural beliefs. All these contribute to her lower self-esteem and directed to build an invisible wall around her. Breaking that and reaching out to her is the art here which we need to master by keeping these simple things in mind-

how to approach shy girls

#Mirroring- Reflecting her attitude. It’s considered a powerful Neuro-linguistic program based on the basic human nature that prefers to connect with similar people. We tend to trust and comfortable around people who are just like us. When we match each other’s vibes, body language, energy-a powerful and fulfilling connection is established. Be careful not to mimic her or feel her threatened anyway even if you are just feigning it.

#Match her energy- Shy girls often have a timid, low energy attitude. Make a note and plan your moves accordingly. If you come across as a high energy alpha personality, you can very well forget moving ahead with her. 

#Be comfortable, make her comfortable- A shy girl may take time to be comfortable around strangers or new people. Make her feel assured with that charming, warm smile of yours. Just relax and have fun! Avoid any kind of body contact, she’s not ready for it yet. Maintain a confident yet soft tone of voice that makes her feel safe around you.

#The beginning- it’s important: A shy girl may have been surrounded by many inhibitions. You need to help her to overcome those and respond to you. A simple hi or a handshake introducing yourself can be a good start. Alternatively, you can also seek her help for something. Due to a solitary life, most of them have amazing skills.

# Go ahead, start the conversation- Now that you have introduced yourself, be prepared to talk to her. Most shy girls talk pretty less, and you need to take the lead here. Talks about common interests, childhood, life around the City. Avoid asking personal questions, she may crawl back to her space. It’s a good idea to ask her to join for a fun activity. Music is a great ice-breaker if you have the common taste.

We just pointed out some basics of approaching a shy girl. If you think you could a little more help, a counseling session can be of great help.

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