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How to impress in the interview to get selected?

How to impress in the interview to get selected?


21 Sep 2019

This is your time of reckoning. A time you want to prove to yourself and to the world that you are worth it. You are just a move away from your dream job. The Interview. So, what should you do or not do to create a winning impression in the interview and bag your dream job? Sharing important tips with you that would surely land you in the shortlisted status.

Since you are a fresher and don't have much work experience to show, the five most important attributes that your interviewers look for are:
I. Presentation
II. Positive Attitude
III. Confidence
IV. Preparation
V. Honesty

Dress to impress:

Wear the sharp smart dressing to create that first experience. Important is to wear something that is sharp and impressive but at the same time comfortable. Usually, students who live in denim and dresses may find it uncomfortable wearing the formal attire for the first time making it obvious to the interviewers.

As students come to us for help, we first groom them about suggesting what would look good on them. One may not necessarily wear a saree or a three-piece suit and still look good. We also suggest students train themselves on dressing more formally and sharply more often so that it becomes part of their personality.

Your positive attitude will do it for you:

If you are a person with a positive attitude, It's good news. When companies hire new blood, they look for positive people like you because you have that demeanor and high positive energy around you that helps build productivity in organizations.

How do they know that you are the one with a positive attitude?
Your smile, your body language and your answers to some basic questions will tell it all.

Examples of some questions -
Tell something about yourself.
What do you want in your life?
Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
What would you do if you don't get this job?

Though a positive attitude is not built in a day, you can develop one if you start working on it in advance. We help many students build positive attitude by training them and asking them some pertinent questions that they need to answer.

Stun that interview board with your confidence

In simple words, your confidence is key for your interviewers to know that you are ready. So, be confident in your approach. How you enter the room, take a seat, greet your interviewers, answer questions etc all show your level of confidence to the people on the other side of the table. Few things that you should take care to impress with your confidence are -

  • Enter and walk with your chin up
  • Shake hands if they initiate it
  • Make eye contact with your interviewer
  • Don't fumble
  • Pause a little and think before you answer
  • Don't talk too fast.

There are many students who are very smart, have great credentials but they lack in confidence approach us for confidence building. We do their confidence training for the interview so that they can create that winning impression in the interviews.

Go with loads of preparation for that winning impression

Your level of preparation will tell your interviewers that you are a proactive, sincere and hard worker. So how should you prepare?

Research well about the company in question
Read about the company, find about their culture. There are lots of online forums available these days.

Work on the problem you will solve
Keeping the job in question, think about the problems that you may solve there, situations that you may need to handle. Make a few suggestions at the interview time that might help the organization so that they would consider it advantageous to hire you.

Mock interviews
Mock interviews are basically a setup interview before the actual one. You can take help of some knowledgeable senior people, friends or family. They grill you and prepare you for the upcoming interview.

When students reach out to us for interview training, mock interviews are integral part of our trainings. Mock interviews are very helpful and take the nervousness and unpredictability away to a great degree.

Build credentials:
Get hold of some live projects as a student, do a few Internships in the area of your interest. These add to your credentials and make your CV look impressive.

Be honest and leave a long-lasting impression.

Honesty is a scarce commodity these days and organizations don't usually let the honest candidates go away. Your honesty shows that you are a strong person, that you will tell the truth without worrying about the consequences, in short, a person with a strong character. A few points to remember though -

Use your CV to impress not to lie: It won't take more than 10 minutes for your interviewer to know what's written in your CV is truth or not. So, your resume should say what you can tell.

Say what you mean and mean what you say: Don't brag because life will get tougher if you get selected.

Simply admit: When you don't know something, admit gracefully that you don't. At the same time, also add that you would like to work on it.

So, presentation, positive attitude, confidence, preparation and honesty put together will never fail you in an interview. You will leave an impression and get selected too. We do train students in above five important parameters and much more as per their specific requirements and help them perform successfully in their interviews.

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