Virtual Styling Service Available

Virtual Styling Services: Taking Appointments for online styling sessions

Virtual Styling Services: Taking Appointments for online styling sessions

  • Virtual Styling Services: Taking Appointments for online styling sessions
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Now get your own personal stylist irrespective or your location. Be it commuting issues or time constraints, you can now have direct personal sessions with one of the best personal stylists in India.

Your style and your etiquette are your brand value and user experience. They determine your success when you present yourself or your company in front of other individuals. In these difficult times of fierce competition and global economic slowdown, Virtual / Online Styling sessions from expert personal stylists of India will help you ahead in personal and professional achievements.

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What do you get in this Virtual Styling Sessions?

  1. Personalized Style Guide or Look Book
  2. Body Shape identification and dressing tips
  3. Color Palette for your personal, social & business outings
  4. Accessory coordination, selection and scarf styling
  5. Indian Clothes Styling Tips including saree styling etc
  6. Power Dressing for interviews, business meetings, online webinars etc
  7. Personal Hygiene including skin care, hair overall body care and female hygiene
  8. Styling tips for Virtual Dates
  9. Business Meetings Etiquette and Soft Skills brush up
  10. Quick Makeup Tutorial as per the occasion
  11. Wardrobe management Tips
  12. Hairstyling & Beard styling according to your Face Shape
  13. How to purchase smartly form Online Shopping Sites
  14. Overall confidence and personality development sessions
  15. Live one to one online video sessions

Prerequisites for Image Redefined Online Styling Services

  1. One of the following WebMeeting Apps Zoom, Google Meet, Whatsapp
  2. A good Internet connection for clear conversation and video streaming
  3. Get a FREE Consultation here, to determine your requirements and to provide appropriate tailormade training sessions online.

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Special Services for Entrepreneurs

Men & Women across India are learning new skills and starting entrepreneurial ventures. But somewhere they fail to present themselves appropriately to make strong impressions with investors or consumers. This is where Image Management and Personality Development become indispensable.



  1. Session on Image Management for ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) Kuwait Chapter for 300 employees
  2. Session conducted on Power Dressing and Corporate Grooming for Fluor for 200 employees
  3. Session conducted for FCA on Self-Image, Self Love and Body Image for 100 women on Women's Day
  4. 4 Sessions recently conducted for Kohler for 200 women on :
    Corporate Dressing and Grooming * Business Etiquette * Wardrobe Management for office Women * Demonstration on Office make-up for Women
  5. Styling Partner for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2020
  6. Attire Etiquette and Personal Grooming for GD Goenka World School Teachers
  7. Importance of First Impressions for Beauty Experts at Lakme


  1. Lady Client to be marriage ready from Bareilly through online sessions on Image Management
  2. Lady NLP coach from South India to feel confident. All sessions were done online
  3. Client from Bhopal to help him improve his image for creating powerful impressions on his investors through Zoom calls
  4. Client from Haridwar (manufacturer of OEM) to have a immaculate personality while meeting Heads and CEO's of companies. These sessions were done on Zoom calls
  5. Helped a Chennai Professional shop for his Fiancee in Bangalore through online sites
  6. Helped a New Joinee at a Mumbai MNC prepare for his new corporate life through Whatsapp calls
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