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Tanushree Roy Ghoshal

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  • Tanushree Roy Ghoshal Owner Kalindi, Kolkata
Tanushree Roy Ghoshal

- Tanushree Roy Ghoshal Owner Kalindi, Kolkata

I attended the wardrobe management session by Nidhi Jagtiani online and have thoroughly enjoyed my stint in the session. It was truly an eye opener for me. How well one can organise her wardrobe, how it can help one decide on what to pair with what without missing any bit of your collection, all was taught so well. This session is very helpful if you are lost in your wardrobe and tired of sorting out stuff for yourself. I have a huge collection but always confused and unable to find the right stuff at the right time. Attending this session helped a lot in sorting out my wardrobe in a very optimal way. I also attended her make up session online, where she taught me how to do an evening make up myself. I being a total amateur at all this, having no sense of the products, shades etc decided to take her class online. She was very patient in her teaching and tackling my queries and didn’t end the session till the time i was thoroughly learned with the subject. I am glad I attended th

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