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Professional Wardrobe Stylist - Online Wardrobe Consultant

Professional Wardrobe Stylist - Online Wardrobe Consultant

  • Professional Wardrobe Stylist - Online Wardrobe Consultant
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As your wardrobe stylist, we help you plan your looks, organize your wardrobe, and select appropriate outfits for specific occasions so that you do not have to stress again answering questions like "what do I wear?" and "where are my clothes/accessories".

Why do I need wardrobe management? The Benefits

  • Save time trying to find something, you bought 3 years ago, under a bundle of clothes.
  • Avoid the stress of the inability to find a proper outfit for a company meeting or kitty party.
  • Know what to keep and what to discard according to current trends and your body type.
  • learn how to segment and redesign your wardrobe physically to make the garments, accessories, and makeup easy to spot and match visually.
  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases

virtual styling service
Online Image Consulting

Wardrobe Consultation with India's Leading Image Consultant

Get a 1 on 1 consultation with Nidhi Jagtiani, one of the leading Image Consultants in India, and discuss your wardrobe management problems.

Understanding your expectations correctly is the first step towards fulfilling them. You get a half-hour consultation where we gather various information about your lifestyle, your professional and social styling expectations.

Since Covid19 Pandemic we are providing virtual consultation through video/phone calls. But when it's safe we also do real meetings for Wardrobe consultation.


What do you Learn in Wardrobe Management?

  • You learn how to organize and prioritize your clothes and accessories as per your choice of career or social life.
  • An unbiased evaluation of your existing clothes & accessories and tips to build a more functional closet.
  • How to organize your clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and makeup properly so that it is easy to find them when you need them.
  • De-clutter your wardrobe and remove items that do not fit your immediate requirement.
  • Get assistance with re-building the wardrobe, storage units, and display blocks appropriately for a clean and functional wardrobe.

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