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Professional grooming training by Delhi/Gurgaons leading grooming trainer. Men & Women

Professional grooming training by Delhi/Gurgaons leading grooming trainer. Men & Women

  • Professional grooming training by Delhi/Gurgaons leading grooming trainer. Men & Women
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Professional Grooming is an integral part of one's personality in today world and age. It's surely just not make-up. It's much more than that. It's about how you carry yourself overall including every element of your personality from nails, teeth, skin, body language, hair care and managing your diet.

Every human being should strive to look and feel their best by whatever means necessary. After all, it is our refined way of life and cleanliness that separates us from animals. Grooming is the process of making yourself attractive and presentable to society. When you are well-groomed, society tends to look at you as someone responsible Who could take on a task and accomplish it, compared to people who don't invest time in themselves.

Here at Image Redefined, we take on the responsibility of making you appear and feel your best self. We provide insights into fashion, self-care, cleanliness, hair care, makeup and much more for both men and women.

We offer personal styling programs, corporate fashion & grooming, finishing & grooming training for students, personality development for individuals and entrepreneurs.

Here are a few self-care topics that we cover, following which you could make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Skin Care

All beauty measurements start with taking care of your skin as it is the primary part of our body. Skincare begins with determining the type of skin you have and then moving on the products that would best suit your skin. The steps we would be providing insights about include:

  • CTM: Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.
  • Managing diet
  • Being cognizant of suitable brands and products
  • Having flawless skin


Being clean means having a neat and immaculate personality. It requires extensive work on self and is something that every person should practice as an active member of society. While the basic idea of cleanliness remains the same, the process of keeping oneself clean changes according to gender because of the different requirements of men and women. The process of keeping oneself clean includes:

  • Following proper sanitary habits
  • Keeping mouth clean and germ-free
  • Manscaping (for men)
  • Waxing (for women)
  • Keeping beard well-trimmed (for men)
  • Trimming nails and practicing manicure/pedicure every two weeks
  • Avoiding body odour


Another essential aspect when it comes to having an attractive personality is a proper diet. Without following a diet that is well suited for our body type, we would never be able to experience the actual limit our body is capable of. Dieting helps us stay in shape and preserve energy for our day to day tasks. A proper diet would include:

  • Keeping oneself hydrated
  • Consuming fruits and veggies
  • Including nuts in your plan
  • Avoiding fast food and junk food
  • Eating on time


This is something that most people invest a considerable amount of time and energy in. However, while you have been supposedly taking care of hair since childhood, there are still some points that you need to be made aware of, such as:

  • Keeping your hair dandruff free
  • Having shiny and smooth hair all the time
  • Achieving healthier scalp and stronger hair
  • Eliminating frizzy and dry hair

Tip: Keep your hair color matching to your skin tone, you can look attractive if you choose the right hair color, hide your greys or show if you are confident. Keep your personal style classic and understated.



Men nonmally do not use make up. However, some makeup like light facepowder or some consealers to hide scars or rough skin can actually improve your complexion and appearance to a great extent. Some of the guidelines for light makeup for men:

  • Using makeup in a way that compliments your skin
  • Having well-defined facial features
  • Extenuating oily skin and managing sweating issues
  • Hiding scars, Improving skin texture, Brightening complexion

Tip: If you are a professional and your profession is not something like media or creative arts then applying bright make-up is not a very right thing to do. Go conservative, impress people with your work not with your make-up. Keep it simple and clean. Only for social occassion use bright color or clothing.

Body language

Last but not least, body language plays a vital role in how the people around us are perceiving us. This is why body language is something that should be paid special attention to. To be confident and show off your confidence through your body language, you need to understand how to

  • Maintain a good posture
  • Appear confident with your handshake
  • Appear attentive to people around you
  • Come out as a genuine listener
  • Be attentive

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