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Hire Indias Leading Personal Shopping Consultant

Hire Indias Leading Personal Shopping Consultant

  • Hire Indias Leading Personal Shopping Consultant
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With Image Redefined you get optimal personal shopper experience with style advice on how to dress and what to choose according to your body shape, skin tone, personality, and of course personal style. Office, Events or Weddings; we help you dress in style and save money on impuslive buys and mis-informed choices.

We are a team of style experts who believe fashion comes from within and can be accessed by each one of us. We not only help you look your best, but we also help you understand and acknowledge your body and your personality so you can choose what's best for you.

Choosing us as your personal shopper gets you the following benefit

  1. Confidence in your approach to try on new styles and experiment with different types of clothing. When you understand what suits your body shape can immediately make better purchases that is adored by more people than before.
  2. Power to Impress: If you are shopping for someone else you want to impress and have no idea what would be for them, a shopping consultant is your saviour.
  3. Better functional wardrobe: A wardrobe with a variety of items so you can mix and match and attain various looks for different occasions. e.g Men often end up buying too many shirts and forget a Waistcoat. Learn how to complement your wardrobe and make it multi-functional.
  4. Save Big & Shop More When you avoid making wrong choices and control impulsive buying you have money to buy more.
  5. Tailored Suggestion: You get customized advice for based on your requirement. We help you shop for the specific occasion like weddings or NewYear Parties or Corporate life etc.
  6. Avoid the StressStress-free shopping experience where you do not have to listen dozens of suggestions from freinds and relatives and have to stand upto everyone's expectations in your personal purchases. Stress degrades our power to make wiser shopping decisions.

We don't take a commission or any sort of fee from stores or labels so you can rest assured that you are not absolutely mandated to make a purchase. We only take you to specific stores and outlets to help you find apparels, shoes, and accessories that best suit you.

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More benefits of hiring a Personal Shopper:

  • Fashion Enthusiasts from other cites who wish to shop in a metro city like Delhi & NCR can get expert shopping guidance.
  • Avoid long shopping runs and save your precious time and money as your shopping consultant knows the best shopping places.
  • Shoppers who wish to splurge at mega brand sales in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida or online on Amazon, Myntra, Jabong etc make more intelligent shopping decisions with help leading Image Consultants and Fashion stylists in North India.
  • Avoid becoming a gullible shopper and buying anything recommended by sales-people at shopping stores. Shoppers often buy items on persuation to dump in boxes latter and end up never using them.

Whether you are looking for a long-term personal stylist or need to have your dress sorted for a particular occasion, we can help you look and feel your best in no time. Our stylists are trained and well-versed in the matter of personal style and fashion to help you choose the pieces that elevate your look and make you appear more dashing than ever. Choose us as your personal stylist to never be worried about not having proper clothes or not being able to finalise a dress for specific occasions.

To start with, we understand your requirement and plan your shopping requirement accordingly.We then fix a date of shopping when our Expert shopping guide will accompany you to a top shopping center and help your with your shopping.

You can also contact us for wedding shopping and pre-bridal grooming and consulting. Nidhi jagtiani and team are well-known Image Consultants in India providing both online and office.


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